Monday, June 7, 2010

The Rickshaw on a Sunday

First time heading to the Rickshaw, great venue, awesome times

Kill Matilda played a short-n-sweet opener, next band had a great classic rock vibe

Ninjaspy was intense. I want-nay ... NEED to get my mad sciencey goggle headset built already, this guy had a great one with a laser and everything. Also; I must have a kilt.

Powerman 5000 rocked some faces too, but by then all my drawing mana had been spent so I just enjoyed the show. You can tell the really pro stadium-conditioned groups by how they move. The real pros know how to hit poses and control the crowds energy, it's great


katie_vogel717 said...

wow, your art is incredible!! i was there too, i recognize some of the people you drew, like the guy with the goggles.

Keep it up, you've got talent!!!

oh and i love the ones of joel. he has so much passion in his performances, i love that you captured it.

Zeke said...