Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ninjaspy practice session

basement complex, heavy wood door on rusted iron frame

colorful room, walls painted with bold psychadellic art, two drum kits atop wooden platform to right, an array of wires, amps, speakers, guitars

Evidence of many, many practices dot the room

a spare set of earmuffs shields me from the sonic barrage that was whipping itself into a storm around me

At their show, their massive amount of motion made drawing with accuracy impossible, resulting in frantic scrawls of suggested resemblance, but now in a well lit session, minimal motion, they come into focus

Metal, ska and reggae .. it's a fresh blend, gives their sound a great range. Too many bands are all up with no downtime and it flattens their performance out, but Ninjaspy is all over the map, jumping from sound to sound like .... well ... ninja

Thanks for the inspiration, Ninjaspy. Lookin forward to the next show


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