Saturday, June 19, 2010

Catching up

Meet Terik and Steve

grew up with these guys in the lil' ol' prairie town that is Neepawa, MB

High school in a tiny town can get pretty dull, so there were a few garage bands trying to make the most of an unhealthy amount of free time (all that peace and relaxation can really get to ya)

by 10th grade it was my band, Steve and Terik's band, and set of junior high kids calling themselves "stuck to your jumper"

My band lacked talent but made up for it in Gusto

Stuck to your jumper ..... was about as good as you'd think a band named "Stuck to your jumper" could be

Steve and Terik's band actually knew what they were doing

We put on a half dozen shows, renting out the town's community run theater and art gallery along with a soundsystem from a guy one town over

Flailing around stage mashing out power chords, arguing at band practices and lugging around equipment were some of my favorite times in High School, and actually putting on the shows ourselves rocked. Big props to these guys for sticking with the music, it's a ballsy move and touring around is a rough way to spend your days, it takes stones.

This Friday they came through Vancouver and played a short set at the Astoria. I barely managed to get any sketches of them before they had to pack up and let the other guys take the stage, a real drag seeing as the "other guys" were ... dissapointing.

I'm not a big screamo listener; if I want hard sounds there needs to me more technique (see -> NinjaSpy or System of a Down) Continuance had real talent and put on a great but short set. I could tell these guys have been steadily improving since their already awesome high school jams. The other bands were just wailing on their instruments haphazardly. Points for enthusiasm, and the crowd loved it, just not my thing.

muscle shirt jersies, baggy toques and mesh back trucker hats with long hair/beards is the uniform of the day for this sound.

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