Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Tale of Tanner Talstrom Kalstrom and the Hula Hoopin Hippie Hotties

Friday evening I finally got to see Fixed Fragmented Fluid, Michele Gagne's improvised abstract jazz animation experiment. Definitely groundbreaking, the sounds produced by the musicians were mind bending. Some satanic deal must have been involved to endow Peter Evans with the unearthy ability to make a piccalo trumpet sound like a tuba. Paul Plimly's erratic motion at the piano were mesmerizing, especially when he started reaching into the instrument and messing with the strings directly, a hand-plucked harpsichord. His chemistry with Lucas Niggli was uncanny, they were reading each others minds from across the stage. The experience was far over my head, I was totally overwhelmed by the assault of bizarre sounds. If you're into experimental music, this is right up your alley

After the show I headed to Brady's for Tanner's Birthday party/triumphant return. Can't believe we tapped out the keg so fast. Epic dance party ensued.

Saturday featured hooping at a park by the seawall and absorbing some of this "sun" that I've heard so much about. I had forgotten about the giant ball of fire our world orbits. Manage to take myself out with a hula hoop. Apparently putting it around your neck and spinning it as hard as you can causes it to smack you in the face. You win this round, physics!

Later that night after the pairs had gotten back from Aziz Ansari, Tanner discovered the joy of drunken Nun-chucks AKA Drunk-chucks!

The impulse struck to draw on the dishwasher, so I handed Dr Omis the marker and he got to it while I sketched what I thought it should look like. The resulting conversation was as follows

Zeke - Dude check this out
Dr Omis - What's that?
Zeke - I'ts a M-----F----- ODing and frothing at the mouth
Dr Omis - That's cool, I drew a kitty!

Kelly contributed this wonderfully unsettling piece

Some Basic Inquiry practicing from earlier today

some "meh" gestures. Wasn't feelin it yet

switched to charcoal for some negative space and value

dual-wielding chalk/charcoal style

Sunday, June 20, 2010

charcoal long pose

that took way too much time to scan and comp. I really messed up her feet, this was the fourth attempt to make something worth posting and it's ok from the calfs up at least. Not sure if it's worth submitting to the drawn festival but it's the best so far.

Got a huge ol marker at opus the other day. Dr. Omis an me are coating the windows with doodles and tags


for giggles

Meet Death/Tron 5000 the gentlemanly refridge-mo-bot

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Catching up

Meet Terik and Steve

grew up with these guys in the lil' ol' prairie town that is Neepawa, MB

High school in a tiny town can get pretty dull, so there were a few garage bands trying to make the most of an unhealthy amount of free time (all that peace and relaxation can really get to ya)

by 10th grade it was my band, Steve and Terik's band, and set of junior high kids calling themselves "stuck to your jumper"

My band lacked talent but made up for it in Gusto

Stuck to your jumper ..... was about as good as you'd think a band named "Stuck to your jumper" could be

Steve and Terik's band actually knew what they were doing

We put on a half dozen shows, renting out the town's community run theater and art gallery along with a soundsystem from a guy one town over

Flailing around stage mashing out power chords, arguing at band practices and lugging around equipment were some of my favorite times in High School, and actually putting on the shows ourselves rocked. Big props to these guys for sticking with the music, it's a ballsy move and touring around is a rough way to spend your days, it takes stones.

This Friday they came through Vancouver and played a short set at the Astoria. I barely managed to get any sketches of them before they had to pack up and let the other guys take the stage, a real drag seeing as the "other guys" were ... dissapointing.

I'm not a big screamo listener; if I want hard sounds there needs to me more technique (see -> NinjaSpy or System of a Down) Continuance had real talent and put on a great but short set. I could tell these guys have been steadily improving since their already awesome high school jams. The other bands were just wailing on their instruments haphazardly. Points for enthusiasm, and the crowd loved it, just not my thing.

muscle shirt jersies, baggy toques and mesh back trucker hats with long hair/beards is the uniform of the day for this sound.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ninjaspy practice session

basement complex, heavy wood door on rusted iron frame

colorful room, walls painted with bold psychadellic art, two drum kits atop wooden platform to right, an array of wires, amps, speakers, guitars

Evidence of many, many practices dot the room

a spare set of earmuffs shields me from the sonic barrage that was whipping itself into a storm around me

At their show, their massive amount of motion made drawing with accuracy impossible, resulting in frantic scrawls of suggested resemblance, but now in a well lit session, minimal motion, they come into focus

Metal, ska and reggae .. it's a fresh blend, gives their sound a great range. Too many bands are all up with no downtime and it flattens their performance out, but Ninjaspy is all over the map, jumping from sound to sound like .... well ... ninja

Thanks for the inspiration, Ninjaspy. Lookin forward to the next show


Monday, June 14, 2010

nood dood

this summer = best yet and keeps getting better

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

back to Basic

Hit up Basic Inquiry for the first time in two and a half months. Loose gesture session, had some fun with it. This girl knows how to friggen pose, pushes all the right parts, twists in great ways, super fun to draw. I'd forgotten what it was like to draw someone who's actually holding a pose! Woulda had twice the results but a hunger pang knocked me out early. Seems like I can't go two hours without eating these days. I gots the hunger.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Little Black Book

at the concerts, a big sketchpad is needed to get that loose flow working

been trying to draw small with ink to keep from getting stale

here's an art dump of ink doodles from my little black sketchbook. Love that thing. Usually it's filled with my rambling illegible notes, but about a quarter of the pages get used for doodles

The Rickshaw on a Sunday

First time heading to the Rickshaw, great venue, awesome times

Kill Matilda played a short-n-sweet opener, next band had a great classic rock vibe

Ninjaspy was intense. I want-nay ... NEED to get my mad sciencey goggle headset built already, this guy had a great one with a laser and everything. Also; I must have a kilt.

Powerman 5000 rocked some faces too, but by then all my drawing mana had been spent so I just enjoyed the show. You can tell the really pro stadium-conditioned groups by how they move. The real pros know how to hit poses and control the crowds energy, it's great