Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Tale of Tanner Talstrom Kalstrom and the Hula Hoopin Hippie Hotties

Friday evening I finally got to see Fixed Fragmented Fluid, Michele Gagne's improvised abstract jazz animation experiment. Definitely groundbreaking, the sounds produced by the musicians were mind bending. Some satanic deal must have been involved to endow Peter Evans with the unearthy ability to make a piccalo trumpet sound like a tuba. Paul Plimly's erratic motion at the piano were mesmerizing, especially when he started reaching into the instrument and messing with the strings directly, a hand-plucked harpsichord. His chemistry with Lucas Niggli was uncanny, they were reading each others minds from across the stage. The experience was far over my head, I was totally overwhelmed by the assault of bizarre sounds. If you're into experimental music, this is right up your alley

After the show I headed to Brady's for Tanner's Birthday party/triumphant return. Can't believe we tapped out the keg so fast. Epic dance party ensued.

Saturday featured hooping at a park by the seawall and absorbing some of this "sun" that I've heard so much about. I had forgotten about the giant ball of fire our world orbits. Manage to take myself out with a hula hoop. Apparently putting it around your neck and spinning it as hard as you can causes it to smack you in the face. You win this round, physics!

Later that night after the pairs had gotten back from Aziz Ansari, Tanner discovered the joy of drunken Nun-chucks AKA Drunk-chucks!

The impulse struck to draw on the dishwasher, so I handed Dr Omis the marker and he got to it while I sketched what I thought it should look like. The resulting conversation was as follows

Zeke - Dude check this out
Dr Omis - What's that?
Zeke - I'ts a M-----F----- ODing and frothing at the mouth
Dr Omis - That's cool, I drew a kitty!

Kelly contributed this wonderfully unsettling piece

Some Basic Inquiry practicing from earlier today

some "meh" gestures. Wasn't feelin it yet

switched to charcoal for some negative space and value

dual-wielding chalk/charcoal style

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becca said...

this is a great re-cap of a great weekend! FFF was amazing and the drawings from today are great!