Monday, May 31, 2010

Fools Gold at the Biltmore

Great band, uplifting sounds. Added listening to them while dancing on the beach at sunset to my "Vancouver Summer To Do List"

Some of the crowd. Apparently wearing toques indoors is the in thing to do now. I didn't get the memo

Drawing on both sides of the paper is making the scans look kinda messy. They don't show through that well when you look at the originals. Besides, when you draw big and do 40 in an evening, you can't afford to get finicky with that stuff.

a drawing can never be replicated. You can record the patterns of light that bonce off it and trace them onto a grid and pulse the patterns through fiber optics, but you can never replicate the drawing itself and the imprint of a mind that goes into making it.

PS; sorry the layout of the scans is getting messy. Photoshop is glitching out from too much art. If I keep getting faster this room is gonna start smelling like burning plastic every time I try to comp my scans

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