Monday, March 29, 2010

big day tomorrow

Signed with a tv studio to animate super villains in a kids TV show.

This is some IP I think I can really sink my teeth into. Always loved good super villain cartoons. Used to watch a ton of spider man and anything else with a cool super villain in it as a kid

The heroes were always so bland and predictable, at least the super villains had some personality.

Hope I can sleep tonight, I have a bad habit of tossing on turning the night before big steps like this.

oh yea, saw how to train your dragon today. Amazing flick, ate up the visuals. Dragon designs and animation was easily the best ever done. Hands down. Dreamworks; Thank you for making family films awesome! Animation doesn't have to be about lame buddy buddy fart jokes. Ok, the story was formulaic and some of the voice acting was a bit off, but dragons have never looked this amazing before and I dig it. Animating on a movie like that is on my bucket list, so clearly now I have to build a time machine to go back and work on the movie that just came out

now to troll conspiracy theory filled forums at random looking to buy "time crystals"


or bed

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